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Pronunciation /ˈhɑːdwɛː/

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mass noun
  • 1Tools, machinery, and other durable equipment.

    ‘high-tech military hardware’
    • ‘The reliability of military equipment and hardware is also on a steady decline.’
    • ‘Global politics shift, military hardware and strategies are tried and tested and new forms of protest emerge.’
    • ‘Yet for all the talk of military hardware and holy war, little time is devoted to what happens if it goes wrong.’
    • ‘He showered it with billions of dollars of military hardware.’
    • ‘India has built up remarkable capability in training, military technology and in hardware.’
    • ‘Incomplete equipment may render some of the new hardware incapable of being more than military targets.’
    • ‘Much of this debate so far has been preoccupied with the hardware of the military.’
    • ‘Its high-tech hardware can ensure a response to a proposed strike by enemy bombers in less than 10 minutes.’
    • ‘France and Germany combined to block moves to send Patriot missiles and other Nato hardware to defend Turkey in the event of war.’
    • ‘If you believe that, I have a shiny hunk of useless Cold War hardware to sell you.’
    • ‘They do have a problem with the procurement of future hardware, but that is no excuse for weakening our current defence capability.’
    • ‘So Iran had to undertake a secrete program to acquire the advanced hardware and technical knowledge.’
    • ‘It's very good for the morale of the troops, with it usually comes some hardware, and that's important.’
    • ‘Yet, the US has displayed an awesome presence with more hardware on its way.’
    • ‘Now when push comes to shove, you own that piece of hardware next to you and the pole position of the running of the Indianapolis 500.’
    • ‘Using outsourcing, a business will pay for the IT service and not the IT hardware.’
    • ‘The hospital aims to acquire new hardware through a combination of purchases, leases and hire purchases.’
    • ‘The hardware and timing routines were the same as those used in Experiment 1.’
    • ‘Such countries are weak in actual combat, even when their hardware looks impressive.’
    • ‘There's been some heavy hardware going in and outta that place.’
    equipment, apparatus, gear, paraphernalia, tackle, kit, machinery
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    1. 1.1Tools, implements, and other items used in home life and activities such as gardening.
      ‘available from DIY stores and hardware shops’
      • ‘They aren't expensive and are sold by DIY shops, hardware stores and locksmiths.’
      • ‘Chris and her brother Jim run it alongside the grocery business, hardware store and fishing tackle shop.’
      • ‘Retail products range from work wear and lawn and garden supplies to hardware and pet foods.’
      • ‘Apart from selling groceries, Lidl stores also sell hardware and clothes.’
      • ‘The hardware stores sold spades, forks, rakes and all sorts of farming implements.’
      • ‘The hardware shops will probably be pushed out by souvenir stalls, and the tourists will flood in.’
      • ‘Max Attrill is calling it quits after 49 years in hardware and trade supplies.’
      • ‘My guess is that you have a low flow toilet with tank hardware that is faulty or out of adjustment.’
      • ‘Install doors and hardware in accordance with manufacturer's printed instructions.’
      • ‘An imaginative new owner might turn it into a goldmine by moving into garden equipment, or hardware, for example.’
      • ‘Note the volume of metal hardware on bags and opt for some with hardware styling.’
      • ‘Remove any easily removed hardware attached to the trim or mask hardware with tape.’
      • ‘When you replace the toilet seat, go with with either plastic or brass hardware.’
      • ‘The list of items bought included lawn equipment, bathroom fixtures, hardware and even a refrigerator.’
      • ‘The metal hardware and decorations attached to furniture often survive in the ground.’
      • ‘If you want to prove your attention to detail, you can also work on things like hardware and fixtures.’
      • ‘As a general merchandiser it offers shoes, clothes, domestic hardware and household goods.’
      • ‘Finally the canopy rigging hardware was adjusted so that the canopy was correctly placed.’
      • ‘All awning hardware must be mounted on either window frame or exterior wall to keep the awning level.’
      • ‘The Fairy Silk Canopy requires no special hardware, just a hook or limb to which a ribbon can be tied.’
      equipment, apparatus, paraphernalia, articles, appliances, impedimenta
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  • 2The machines, wiring, and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system.

    Compare with software

    ‘select a software package that suits your requirements and buy the hardware to run it on’
    • ‘This avoids the complications that often result from putting old hardware into new equipment.’
    • ‘The development and testing of the Alarm hardware was a lengthy and challenging process.’
    • ‘It has put in - for free - Wi-Fi hardware equipment in a slew of hotels around Ireland.’
    • ‘Look at the overall condition and make sure all hardware is in place and secured.’
    • ‘Extensive software testing included stand alone tests and hardware in the loop tests.’
    • ‘They can persuade us to spend thousands on high-tech hardware that becomes obsolete the moment we sign the credit card chit.’
    • ‘Linux is one popular variety, mainly because it is free and runs on intel hardware.’
    • ‘Some of them are to do with hardware and hardware can certainly make pretty much anything function badly.’
    • ‘This capability will only improve as costs decrease and hardware and software improve.’
    • ‘It runs on a variety of computer hardware including Intel clones and Apple Macintosh computers.’
    • ‘If you buy a new computer, monitor or mobile phone this Christmas, recycle your hardware.’
    • ‘Thus the financial and technological investment required is measured as much in software as in any hardware terms.’
    • ‘Otellini yesterday gave further details of Intel's embedded hardware security technology.’
    • ‘Server hardware is usually built to facilitate easy upgrading of hardware and replacing of broken parts.’
    • ‘When you pulled out the old hardware, you essentially interrupted a magical circuit.’
    • ‘A code is produced based upon the Product key and various details pertaining to your PC hardware.’
    • ‘He thinks the current generation of hardware has moved beyond it, except for technical limitations.’
    • ‘You'll know that your network hardware is set up properly when every PC in your home has internet access.’
    • ‘When hardware becomes obsolete only researchers may have an interest in preserving it.’
    • ‘The hardware has been redesigned to prevent damage caused by short circuits or power surges.’
    • ‘After his surgeon replaced the infected hardware, Downing was finally good to go.’