Meaning of hare coursing in English:

hare coursing


mass noun
  • The sport of hunting hares with greyhounds using sight rather than scent.

    ‘an incident of illegal hare coursing’
    • ‘Seven men have been convicted of a charge in relation to hare coursing.’
    • ‘Wildlife experts are joining forces with the police to launch a crackdown on hare coursing.’
    • ‘We reckon the dog might be a bit handy at ratting or hare coursing.’
    • ‘In the debate, I hope consideration is given to hare coursing, in which two dogs are unleashed against a lone hare.’
    • ‘Hare coursing took place on the estate, with a plentiful supply of hares reported.’
    • ‘I see that the new legislation to stop hare coursing becomes law this month.’
    • ‘By refusing to embrace the drag, hare coursing followers are signing their own grubby death warrant on an activity that befouls our society.’
    • ‘I'm not in favour of hare coursing or any hunting animals with dogs.’
    • ‘The bill would allow fox hunting to continue under strict licensing conditions, but outlaw hare coursing and stag hunting.’
    • ‘It is one of the few countries in the world that permits hare coursing.’