Meaning of Haredi in English:


Pronunciation /haˈreɪdi/

nounplural noun Haredim/haˈrɛdɪm/

  • A member of any of various Orthodox Jewish sects characterized by strict adherence to the traditional form of Jewish law and rejection of modern secular culture, many of whom do not recognize the modern state of Israel as a spiritual authority.

    ‘The Ashkenazi Haredim traditionally withdrew from surrounding gentile society in the Diaspora and continue to separate themselves from mainstream Israeli society.’
    • ‘The Haredi community in Israel, mainly the Lithuanian variant, considers itself a direct off-shoot of the European Orthodox Jewish legacy.’
    • ‘Even though many typical presentations (popular and academic) of Haredi communities portray the Haredi man as hostile or opposed to the presence of women, my being a woman did not prove to be a major impediment to my research.’
    • ‘Other religious Jews - known as Haredi - feel that the sale of pork is an affront to their identity.’
    • ‘One of the main issues discussed in the Haredi sphere relates to the tension between belief and endeavor (hishtadlut).’


Hebrew, literally ‘one who trembles (in awe at the word of God)’.