Meaning of haremlik in English:


Pronunciation /həˈriːmlɪk/ /ˈhɛːrəmlɪk/


  • The separate part of a Muslim household reserved for wives, concubines, and female servants; a harem.

    ‘In a humble home with two rooms, the rear room is the haremlik.’
    • ‘Even policemen or other officials may not enter the haremlik.’
    • ‘If the haremlik's windows faced the street, they were barred thickly with wooden bars.’
    • ‘In the Turkish two-story house the haremlik is often on the ground floor protected by a hall.’
    • ‘Many modern visitors have seen the splendour of the haremliks of Istanbul or Teheran.’
    women's quarters


Turkish, from harem + -lik ‘place’.