Meaning of harp seal in English:

harp seal



  • A slender North Atlantic seal that typically has a dark harp-shaped mark on its grey back.

    Pagophilus groenlandicus, family Phocidae

    ‘The harp seal and the minke whale together consume about the same amount of biomass as the Norwegian fishermen land, i.e. about 3 million tonnes.’
    • ‘These on-shore sightings may represent part of a general southward shift in the winter habitat of the harp seal noted in the early to mid 1990s in the open waters off Newfoundland and Labrador.’
    • ‘The curious bearded seal and harp seal birth their pups nearby ice floes or merely bask in the warmth of the midnight sun.’
    • ‘In two days up to 200 fishing boats hunt harp seals found on the pack ice north of Fogo Island and off the coast of Labrador.’
    • ‘Smith and his colleagues are currently in Charlottetown, watch-dogging the commercial hunt for baby harp seals.’