Meaning of hartal in English:



  • (in South Asia) a closure of shops and offices as a protest or a mark of sorrow.

    ‘the town observed a complete hartal’
    • ‘the valley was paralysed by hartal or curfews’
    • ‘Since then there have been nine major strikes and hartals [the closure of shops and businesses] against government policies.’
    • ‘In defiance of their trade unions, the workers were striking for improved working conditions and the release of a co-worker arrested for campaigning for a hartal (strike and shop closures).’
    • ‘The next day, the LTTE and other Tamil parties called a hartal [strike and shop closures] throughout the north and east of the island which lasted for four days.’
    • ‘Thus the Awami League spent most of its efforts after the 1991 election in mobilizing drives against the BNP government, mobilizing successive confrontations, parliamentary boycotts, and hartals (general shutdowns of all activity).’
    • ‘On February 15, the opposition alliance called a three-day hartal - street protests combined with strikes.’
    demonstration, demo, march, protest march, rally, occupation, sit-in, die-in, sleep-in, human chain, dirty protest, write-in, peace camp



/ˈhɑːtɑːl/ /hɑːˈtɑːl/


From Hindi haṛtāl, haṭtāl, literally ‘locking of shops’, from Sanskrit haṭṭa ‘market’ + Hindi tāla ‘lock’.