Meaning of harvestman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑːvɪs(t)mən/

nounplural noun harvestmen

  • An arachnid with a globular body and very long thin legs, typically living in leaf litter and on tree trunks.

    Order Opiliones: three suborders

    ‘The 400-million-year-old fossil organ belongs to a harvestmen or daddy longlegs, a non-web-spinning arachnid, related to mites and ticks.’
    • ‘While some species may be better at hunting than others, most harvestmen scavenge dead plants and animals, only occasionally catching relatively easy prey, such as small caterpillars.’
    • ‘Cave crickets and harvestmen or ‘daddy longlegs’ that live inside the caves during the day and feed outside the caves at night contribute important nutrients to the cave ecosystem.’
    • ‘I'm sure it wasn't a harvestman, since it had a web.’
    • ‘In one species of harvestman in Panama it is the males, rather than the females, that take care of the young, a very rare phenomenon.’