Meaning of Harvey Wallbanger in English:

Harvey Wallbanger

Pronunciation /ˈwɔːlbaŋə/


  • A cocktail made from vodka or gin, orange juice, and Galliano.

    ‘Yeah, they'll wonder if we want a Tequila Sunrise or a Harvey Wallbanger and end up getting us both.’
    • ‘Its pronounced vanilla and anise notes are the most important flavours in a Harvey Wallbanger.’
    • ‘Donato 'Duke' Antone was said to have invented the Harvey Wallbanger cocktail in Los Angeles in the 1950s along with his other creations the Rusty Nail, the Flaming Caesar and The Godfather.’
    • ‘After several drinks, Harvey tried to leave the bar, but unfortunately kept bumping into the furniture and walls. Harvey 'the Wallbanger' became his nickname and the famous drink was named.’


1970s of unknown origin.