Meaning of harzburgite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑːtsbəːˌɡʌɪt/


mass nounGeology
  • A plutonic rock of the peridotite group consisting largely of orthopyroxene and olivine.

    ‘The peridotite is dominantly serpentinized harzburgite, ranging from fresh to 70% altered, with minor pyroxenite, dunite and chromite pods.’
    • ‘The lowermost rocks are serpentinized dunite and harzburgite, which are best exposed in the NE of the ophiolite.’
    • ‘Stratigraphically from bottom to top it is composed of sheared serpentinite on the basal thrust, layered harzburgitedunite, layered dunite with chromitite, and harzburgite with finegrained gabbro.’
    • ‘We have mapped the entire Spontang ophiolite region where we recognize a complete upper mantle sequence of harzburgite and crustal gabbroic, sheeted dykes and pillow lava succession.’
    • ‘In the Herbeira massif the same harzburgite dominates the east side of the Trans-Herbeira Fault, but in its western outcrop it is only present at the cliffbase in the NW and SW corners.’


Late 19th century from Harzburg, the name of a town in Germany, + -ite.