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mass noun
  • Cannabis.

    ‘Again, the proximity of Morocco, where cannabis is a traditional product, facilitated the supply of hashish and marijuana for the Spanish market.’
    • ‘The NHSDA defines cannabis as both marijuana and hashish, and tells how it is typically used.’
    • ‘Supporters of this social movement share a diffuse ideology that sees marijuana and hashish as natural and benign drugs and their use as legitimate.’
    • ‘The Statistics Canada study reveals that the increase hasn't been confined to cannabis, which includes marijuana, hashish and hash oil.’
    • ‘Certainly the most famous element of Dutch drug policy is that coffee shops are allowed to sell hashish and marijuana.’
    • ‘Cannabinoids include Cannabis sativa products such as marijuana, hashish and hash oil.’
    • ‘In Spain, there is now a robust supply of both Moroccan hashish and homegrown marijuana of increasing variety and quality.’
    • ‘He was accused of trafficking amphetamines, hashish, ecstasy and pseudoephadrine worth millions of dollars.’
    • ‘Marijuana, hashish, and hashish oil are obtained from the plant Cannabis sativa, which grows in tropical and temperate climates.’
    • ‘It was hard for him to be associated with fellow musicians and fans who were deep rooted in hippie culture and drugs like ganja, hashish.’
    • ‘A transient experience of synaesthesia can be induced in non-synaesthetes by drugs such as hashish and mescaline.’
    • ‘This is the first time domestically cultivated marijuana has overtaken Moroccan hashish as the major product in the British marijuana market.’
    • ‘This high tar content is mainly because hashish (the solid form of marijuana) is made using lots of other chemicals, which all add to the tar content.’
    • ‘Bordering on Afghanistan, where most of the world's opium, morphine and hashish are produced, Iran has easy access to drugs.’
    • ‘Cannabinoids have been known for many, many thousands of years, things like marijuana and hashish, both for medicinal purposes as well as just for pleasure.’
    • ‘In the Syrian-controlled Beqaa Valley, farmers grew hashish and opium as staple export crops.’
    • ‘I smoke high quality hybrid cannabis like skunk, northern lights and purple haze, and sometimes high quality hashish like menali, charis and gold seal.’
    • ‘The supply of hashish coming from Moroccan fields grew enormously in the 1990s, especially in the second half of that decade.’
    • ‘Morocco is currently the leading producer of hashish, with Europe being the biggest customer.’
    • ‘A narghilé is a water pipe used for smoking hashish.’



/ˈhaʃiːʃ/ /ˈhaʃɪʃ/ /haˈʃiːʃ/


Late 16th century from Arabic ḥašīš ‘dry herb, powdered hemp leaves’.