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mass nounmainly British
  • A cold meat consisting of chopped or minced pork offal compressed into a loaf before being cooked.

    ‘Butchers in Boston Linconshire have found a way of making haslet without wheat.’
    • ‘Haslet is a baked meat loaf from Lincolnshire. Traditionally made with spiced offal of the most offaly type (entrails and the like) from which it takes its name, it is now more often made from sausage meat.’
    • ‘Lincolnshire Haslet is a traditional pork meat loaf and is also seasoned with sage. This should not be confused with Welsh haslet made of liver.’



/ˈheɪzlɪt/ /ˈhazlɪt/


Late Middle English (originally denoting meat for roasting): from Old French hastelet, diminutive of haste ‘roast meat, spit’, probably of Germanic origin and related to Dutch harst ‘sirloin’.