Meaning of hat-check girl in English:

hat-check girl


North American
  • A woman employed to keep charge of hats, coats, and other items deposited for temporary safekeeping in a cloakroom.

    ‘at the shipboard venue, the hat-check girls are waiting for you as you come off the speedboat’
    • ‘He invites a hatcheck girl to his house one night to tell her the details of a book he's been hired to adapt for the screen.’
    • ‘She made her debut as a hatcheck girl in Manpower and in the same year appeared in Dive Bomber opposite Errol Flynn.’
    • ‘In Paris, he picks up a scatterbrained French hatcheck girl with artistic pretensions, and is followed at an unsafe distance by the accident-prone Inspector Fix.’
    • ‘When he meets the hatcheck girl, he tells her he likes fast cars, movies, whisky, and her.’
    • ‘The only thing that excites this former hatcheck girl is social climbing, which she does with unfailing ineptitude.’
    • ‘He accepts the invitation, partly at the insistence of his spoiled wife, a former hatcheck girl, partly to profit from meeting the mighty Brit.’
    • ‘It wasn't long before the hatcheck girl became a lead singer and signed to a recording contract.’
    • ‘Sporadic TV parts followed, supplemented by an evening job as a hatcheck girl, until she landed a lead role in the 1996 drama.’
    • ‘The hatcheck girl still speaks with a comforting French accent, and the desserts are still perambulated to and fro on a dessert cart.’
    • ‘She told her rags-to-riches story of having been raised in an orphanage, working as a hatcheck girl and waitress to get through college.’