Meaning of hat shop in English:

hat shop

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  • A shop which sells hats and decorative headpieces.

    ‘Linda went into a small hat shop to try on some headgear’
    • ‘Better still, get a variety of real hats from a thrift store or hat shop.’
    • ‘She's a young girl, working in a hat shop.’
    • ‘Hat shops across the country are being asked to donate a percentage of sales.’
    • ‘She decided on a change of career and, fashionably, started a hat shop with her friend.’
    • ‘The two walked up and down the wide streets, looking into the windows of the various dress and hat shops.’
    • ‘The tradition dates back to the 1920s, when his grandfather opened a hat shop in New Bedford.’
    • ‘The narrow home is spread over five levels and used to be a hat shop before being converted into living quarters.’
    • ‘Is there any particular reason the prince is standing in the middle of your hat shop drinking coffee?’
    • ‘There were shoe and hat shops, apothecaries, blacksmiths, glaziers, and tailors.’
    • ‘He purchased the half-acre parcel $30 and contracted a builder to construct a house, barn, and hat shop on the property.’