Meaning of hatchet job in English:

hatchet job

Pronunciation /ˈhatʃɪt dʒɒb/

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  • A fierce written attack on someone or their work.

    • ‘she does hatchet jobs, not reviews’
    • ‘Lucy's desire to write a book is buffered by the total hatchet job she does on her husband and friends.’
    • ‘His tirade in today's Herald Sun was a complete hatchet job on him.’
    • ‘During that bout, he did a hatchet job book on C.S. Lewis, wrote any number of inane diatribes against theism in general and Christianity in particular.’
    • ‘I hesitate even to call it a review - hatchet job is more like it.’
    • ‘The score and dialogue suffer from the usual hatchet job on the highs and lows, leaving the music sounding a bit on the harsh side.’
    savage, attack, lambast, condemn, criticize severely, flay, shoot down, pillory, revile