Meaning of hatchetfish in English:



nounplural noun hatchetfish, plural noun hatchetfishes

  • A deep-bodied laterally compressed tropical freshwater fish of the New World. It is able to fly short distances above the surface of the water by beating its broad pectoral fins.

    Family Gasteropelecidae: three genera, in particular Gasteropelecus, and several species

    ‘Midwater species, such as lanternfishes, hatchetfishes and dragonfishes have rows of lights along the underside of the body, probably for mating and identification as well as foraging.’
    • ‘A night dive here revealed night shrimp, hatchetfish, cardinalfish and a Spanish lobster.’
    • ‘Resident giant grouper, turtles and schools of hatchetfish reside below the jetty.’
    • ‘Sleeperfish and hatchetfish, which prefer the shade, hung out in small schools.’
    • ‘The Common or Silver Hatchetfish is a deep bodied fish with a 'hatchet' type shape to it.’