Meaning of hate mail in English:

hate mail


mass noun
  • Hostile letters sent to an individual or group, usually anonymously.

    ‘she was plagued by obscene phone calls and hate mail’
    • ‘He received countless hate mail, threatening phone calls and his apartment was even broken into and vandalised.’
    • ‘What is posting hateful comments and sending her hate mail going to do besides prove that what she's saying is true?’
    • ‘We'll continue to shout our slogans at each other and send hate mail and write lengthy essays to try to prove our points.’
    • ‘But Teddy only prints the names and email addresses of the people who send him hate mail.’
    • ‘Now one couple, who moved to the area a few years ago and protested against the lorries, have been sent hate mail telling them to get out.’
    • ‘Please, if you are going to send me hate mail, at least make me feel like you worked at it.’
    • ‘He has also had to contend with hate mail and death threats - one of which was even sent on a fax machine at Leeds Crown Court.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Knoll was receiving anonymous hate mail as well as official letters of protests.’
    • ‘His rulings earned him a steady stream of hate mail and other threats.’
    • ‘Photographers hung around outside her house, anonymous neighbours posted hate mail and Vikki said she felt like a prisoner in her home.’
    • ‘It was also revealed the pastor had received hate mail after displaying messages on his home-made hoarding.’
    • ‘The store was on the receiving end of bomb threats and hate mail when the display was unveiled, and eventually it had to be scrapped.’
    • ‘These threats have all the vindictiveness and crankiness of hate mail, and they had their effect.’
    • ‘Every time one of these virus stories hits, people get distracted and I get fewer and fewer pieces of hate mail.’
    • ‘You will soon be carrying sacks of hate mail to my flat; I know from previous experience that one criticises Tolkien at one's peril.’
    • ‘I thought my mood would miraculously lift once I didn't have to deal with hate mail and evil comments.’
    • ‘He receives hate mail from some animal rights activists.’
    • ‘I love getting hate mail, because it makes me see exactly the mentality of the idiots I am dealing with.’
    • ‘So we brace ourselves again for a period of bile and beatings and hate mail…’
    • ‘But it's great to feel as if you have a fan club, especially on a week with heavy hate mail.’