Meaning of hate-watch in English:



[with object] informal
  • Watch (a television programme) for the sake of the enjoyment one derives from mocking or criticizing it.

    • ‘I hate-watched every single episode’
    • ‘While some hate-watch, others watch for the fairy tale, no matter how contrived or how damaging it is.’
    • ‘When it comes to shows people love to hate-watch, the news drama has become this season's must-see, only four episodes in.’
    • ‘That's also why I don't recap every episode of every show I like or hate-watch: I don't write unless I have something to say.’
    • ‘Over the years the producers have conveniently cast more and more horrible people making it much easier to hate-watch.’
    • ‘I used to hate-watch this into its last seasons with my mother, screaming at the television.’
    • ‘When I heard American Idol was doing Beatles Night, the side of me that loves to hate-watch the show kicked in!’
    • ‘Viewers turned from loving to watch to loving to hate-watch it.’
    • ‘If you hate-watch the show, you probably wanted to pull your eyebrows out.’
    • ‘It could become a show we love to hate-watch, and that might be all it needs.’
    • ‘I already hate-watch too many shows.’
    • ‘Whether you hate-watched, love-watched, or ignored last night's Academy Awards, you may be tired today of Oscar talk.’
    • ‘Worth the purchase price for gleeful hate-watching.’
    • ‘It's great hate-watching if you have that kind of time to kill.’