Meaning of haughty in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔːti/

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adjectiveadjective haughtier, adjective haughtiest

  • Arrogantly superior and disdainful.

    ‘a look of haughty disdain’
    • ‘a haughty British aristocrat’
    • ‘They became haughty and arrogant, and began to love the art of subterfuge and deception, as well as politics and law.’
    • ‘In reality, Fawzia was more shy than cold, and she certainly wasn't arrogant or haughty.’
    • ‘He stoops to sign in, then turns to the friend with an expression of haughty disdain.’
    • ‘Cyclists feel aggrieved that they run the gauntlet of motorised traffic, which they also regard with haughty contempt.’
    • ‘After he finishes something he imagines particularly clever, he ends up looking smug and haughty.’
    • ‘Towards the other wives and their children she was always extremely imperious, haughty and pretentious.’
    • ‘Scientists will have to step out of their laboratories and humanists will have to give up their haughty disdain for modernity.’
    • ‘Some feigned smiles, others looked away with haughty contempt.’
    • ‘She looked down at him, a haughty and imperious expression on her little face.’
    • ‘She was unlike most nobles he had met; even as beautiful as she was, she was not haughty and vain.’
    • ‘Her demeanor was proud and haughty, and her stance bespoke power and determination.’
    • ‘When she first meets people Penny is conceited and haughty.’
    • ‘Portia sat at the row behind them, filing her nails and looking imperiously haughty.’
    • ‘They grew haughty in their scorn, vain of their beauty, proud of their long life.’
    • ‘At the risk of sounding haughty, I would say that the art is mediocre.’
    • ‘Guys showing off their bulging biceps, big sideburns and carrying a haughty look are out.’
    • ‘He was haughty, erratic, self-obsessed and his violin-playing was atrocious.’
    • ‘One has a look of perplexed surprise; the other, a haughty indifference.’
    • ‘He would be stuck up, haughty and stubborn most likely, but she knew that he was in her immediate future.’
    • ‘He walks with a quick sure gait and the self-confidence of a haughty personage.’
    proud, vain, arrogant, conceited, snobbish, stuck-up, pompous, self-important, superior, egotistical, supercilious, condescending, lofty, patronizing, smug, scornful, contemptuous, disdainful, overweening, overbearing, imperious, lordly, cavalier, high-handed, full of oneself, above oneself
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Mid 16th century extended form of obsolete haught, earlier haut, from Old French, from Latin altus ‘high’.