Meaning of haul out in English:

haul out

phrasal verb

  • (of a seal or similar marine mammal) come out of the water to spend time on land.

    ‘seals haul out to bask in areas where they can see and smell approaching predators’
    • ‘As the season progressed, seals gradually began to haul out on the ice surface where they could be counted during surveys.’
    • ‘At Cap Blanc, almost all seals haul out in one of two caves with access only from the sea, which makes the collection of samples very difficult.’
    • ‘Ducks frequently hauled out onto rocks to rest and preen, and we read as many tarsal bands as possible during each survey.’
    • ‘They haul out on intertidal rocks and ledes, sandy and pebble beaches, sandbars, and sometimes, ice floes.’
    • ‘It is low tide, with lots of room for the seals to haul out and snooze at Lynch's Reef.’