Meaning of haunter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔːntə/


See haunt

‘It adds up to a remarkable, if bumpily uneven body of work, and, unless you are a professional film critic or a regular haunter of Parisian cinemas, chances are that you will know it only in patches.’
  • ‘It's the constant suggestion of violence that does it - apart from a door bending inwards, you never get to see any of the haunters.’
  • ‘A haunter of bookshops since his childhood, spent north and west of Kensington Gardens, he was a dyed in the wool bookman, and was perhaps the last Man of Letters to have read ‘everything’.’
  • ‘Dead, living, or living-dead, dream or waking vision, the principal haunters of Le Fanu's fiction generally appear in such a trompe l'oeil setting.’
  • ‘You are a haunter of book shops, too, I see, Major.’