Meaning of hauntingly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔːntɪŋli/

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  • In a poignant or evocative manner.

    ‘the words came hauntingly back to her’
    • ‘hauntingly beautiful music’
    • ‘The people who are the ostensible subjects of these photographs are hauntingly absent.’
    • ‘Her final solo is hauntingly affecting.’
    • ‘The music is eerie and hauntingly atmospheric.’
    • ‘The mining town is well known for its ravaged, hauntingly barren countryside.’
    • ‘The movie is hauntingly beautiful, suspenseful, and infused with a strong aura of old Hong Kong.’
    • ‘It is genuinely thrilling from start to finish, the plotting is faultless, the characters are hauntingly believable, and the pace is breathtakingly relentless.’
    • ‘The tales are models of scientific realism, describing in hauntingly convincing detail what it is like to voyage through the vast, empty reaches of the solar system.’
    • ‘This inescapable fate is most hauntingly captured in the sequence where she looks at and narrates over some stereoscope images.’
    • ‘He ran across an 1896 photo of a burned-out building, hauntingly dripping with icicles.’
    • ‘The uncertainty about his life with Jean remained hauntingly in the back of his mind.’