Meaning of haute bourgeoisie in English:

haute bourgeoisie


treated as singular or plural
  • the haute bourgeoisieThe upper middle class.

    • ‘Today, Occultists are routinely disparaged by the superior classes, the haute bourgeoisie, to which I belong, and which also includes most of the widely read art critics and influential art historians.’
    • ‘These forms of unearned income linked to exploitation led to the emergence of the haute bourgeoisie as a new ruling class, which molded the state and church into instruments of domination over the petit bourgeoisie and the working class.’
    • ‘Not all Dresden was bombed, of course; on the banks of the Elbe there are still the magnificent villas of the haute bourgeoisie.’
    • ‘In contrast, the Pahlavis lived comfortably but simply, probably no better than a prosperous European family of the haute bourgeoisie.’’
    • ‘Her father was a senior civil servant, and she remained a respected member of the well-to-do Parisian haute bourgeoisie.’


French, literally ‘high bourgeoisie’.


haute bourgeoisie

/ˌəʊt bʊəʒwɑːˈziː/