Meaning of have — going for one in English:

have — going for one


  • Used to indicate how much someone has in their favour or to their advantage.

    • ‘Why did she do it? She had so much going for her’
    • ‘As comedies, they have many things going for them: when good, they're fast, funny entertainment and they have license to be vulgar in the most endearing way.’
    • ‘You have a lot going for you, but most people will only remember you for one thing, and a lot of them will try to copy it.’
    • ‘Swindon is trying to attract people and we have a lot going for us, we are right between London and Bristol, with easy access to all sorts of great places and Wiltshire is a lovely place to live in.’
    • ‘So, for a city with no urban radio station, no artists signed to major labels, and no videos in heavy rotation, we seem to have a lot going for us.’
    • ‘We have a few things going for us today that we didn't in 1991.’
    • ‘We have a great thing going for us at the club and we want to keep on the winning track.’
    • ‘Small businesses have several things going for them.’
    • ‘I am attractive, have a good job and have a lot going for me.’
    • ‘We may be a small island, but we do have something going for us - a sense of humour.’
    • ‘She had so much going for her. Every teacher I spoke to at parents' evenings always said Carly could be anything she wanted to be.’
    • ‘Melissa was a bright, attractive, popular teenager with everything going for her.’