Meaning of have a feel for in English:

have a feel for


  • Have a sensitive appreciation or an intuitive understanding of.

    ‘you have to have a feel for animals’
    • ‘He has always had a feel for what the audience wants and never knowingly undersells a great event or oversells a poor event.’
    • ‘I really have a feel for what regular people like.’
    • ‘I don't have a feel for who I think is going to win this election.’
    • ‘I truly do not have a feel for how widespread that actually is.’
    • ‘I never tackle a design project until I have a feel for what is needed somewhere.’
    • ‘As a native of another though larger country town in York, he has a feel for what the community expects.’
    • ‘We need people in there who have a feel for football and understand it.’
    • ‘You've got to have a feel for what's in style and what's in style for the customer.’
    • ‘While I occasionally have a feel for how a game will work, I often don't, and don't even have the rules completely hashed out.’
    • ‘By talking with and observing enough users, you'll have a feel for which issues are general trends and which are random comments.’