Meaning of have a hand in something in English:

have a hand in something

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  • Be involved in doing something.

    ‘the girls had a hand in writing the lyrics’
    • ‘Consistently, they have denied they duck each other, or that their father has a hand in the outcome of matches.’
    • ‘Kelley, one of Hollywood's most prolific TV writer-producers, had a hand in creating most of the scripts.’
    • ‘My ignorance to the video game world of "Final Fantasy" may have a hand in my confusion at this series.’
    • ‘The Financial Services Authority has had a hand in this debacle.’
    • ‘Neighbours, suspecting that the family members had a hand in the death, called the police.’
    • ‘Some added that I had had a hand in Allende's death.’
    • ‘Scores of others also had a hand in birthing this network.’
    • ‘I think that nature definitely has a hand in the way we slowly forget things.’
    • ‘You didn't have a hand in it at all.’
    play a part in, contribute to, be a factor in, be responsible for, be partly responsible for
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