Meaning of have a thing for in English:

have a thing for


  • Have a strong liking for.

    • ‘I think he has a bit of a thing for you’
    • ‘She apparently had a thing for smart guys.’
    • ‘People will think I really do have a thing for meteorites.’
    • ‘Dana had a thing for chocolate - or candy in general.’
    • ‘He's talk, dark and handsome and has a thing for British beauties.’
    • ‘She's the young hotshot of the woman's tennis circuit and she seems to have a thing for Peter.’
    • ‘She and I have a thing for the movies and never miss the opening night of anything.’
    • ‘I think he has a bit of a thing for you.’
    • ‘When we last left our heroes, Rachel had just found out that Ross has long had a thing for her.’
    • ‘He has a thing for annoying me though.’
    • ‘He was a little miffed at Trevor's comment about him having a thing for Susie.’
    phobia, fear, horror, terror
    penchant for, preference for, taste for, inclination for, partiality for, predilection for, soft spot for, weakness for, fancy for, fondness for, liking for, love for, passion for