Meaning of have ants in one's pants in English:

have ants in one's pants


  • Be fidgety or restless.

    • ‘what's the matter with you, always fidgeting—you got ants in your pants?’
    • ‘Maybe it's just God trying to tell me to keep still and stop acting like I have ants in my pants, to just be calm and happy that all is well.’
    • ‘He appeared to have ants in his pants, refusing to stand still for a minute.’
    • ‘I have so much energy that the little kids I baby-sit told me it looks like I have ants in my pants.’
    • ‘I tossed and turned, and finally Shirley said something like I had ants in my pants, something like that, anyway, and decided to walk the house to try and fall asleep.’
    • ‘Anyway, I can't sit still - I've always had ants in my pants, and I can't see me sitting in the dressing room for four or five weeks.’
    move restlessly, wriggle, squirm, twitch, jiggle, writhe, twist, shuffle, be jittery, be anxious, be agitated