Meaning of have gone out with the ark in English:

have gone out with the ark


(also be out of the ark)
informal British
  • Be very old-fashioned.

    • ‘this kind of variety entertainment went out with the ark’
    • ‘the lessons were boring and taught by somebody out of the ark’
    • ‘But things didn't go quite according to plan: the big break turned into a permanent career break for the trio, who, over two decades later, come together to relive the past - and some comedy routines that came out of the ark.’
    • ‘Creases like these went out with the ark and I am not walking down the street like this.’
    • ‘And besides, jokes about religion went out with the ark and are unlikely to be resurrected in modern Britain.’
    • ‘And the last non en-suite bathroom at a country inn went out with the ark!’
    • ‘The mechanic did ask me how long it was since I last looked under the hood of a car, and then told me how such mechanical devices went out with the ark...’
    banal, trite, hackneyed, commonplace, clichéd, predictable, stereotyped, platitudinous, inane, fatuous, vapid, jejune, weak, feeble, tired, stale, overworked, overused, well worn