Meaning of have got it bad in English:

have got it bad


  • 1informal Be very powerfully affected emotionally, especially by love.

    • ‘You got hit by the love bug and you have got it bad.’
    • ‘The owner, Keenan Wynn, has got it bad for his waitress Kotty (Terry Moore), but she only has eyes for for a research professor (Frank Lovejoy).’
    • ‘It's very rare to read about a man so incredibly crazy about a woman, but this guy has got it bad.’
    1. 1.1Be in a situation where one is treated badly or exploited.
      ‘if you think you've got it bad now, how would you like to be paid to collect pebbles?’
      • ‘You see, just when you think your family has got it bad, you compare it to another person's family and you think you have a pretty sane bunch.’
      • ‘If the dealer has got it bad, no one can afford to buy a book from them and they eventually go bust and end up selling 'The Big Issue' on the streets.’
      • ‘A lot of people think they've got it bad, well they should live in my shoes for awhile!’
      • ‘Boy have I got it bad this year.’
      • ‘I tell ya, you think you guys have got it bad now?’
      • ‘We think we've got it bad shoveling snow.’
      • ‘You think you've got it bad - check out what happened to this guy.’
      • ‘If we've got it bad, why should anyone else have it good?’
      • ‘If you think you've got it bad, what about the IT administrator who has got hundreds of passwords to memorize.’
      • ‘If we as readers think we've got it bad, imagine for a moment how it must be for the bands the magazine plucks seemingly at random to make into its straw man du jour.’