Meaning of have had one's chips in English:

have had one's chips


informal British
  • Be dead or defeated.

    • ‘Granny has had her chips—she's dead’
    • ‘Scotland's junk food-loving schoolchildren have had their chips.’
    • ‘We were up against it - we expected an invasion at any time and a lot of people were convinced we had had our chips.’
    • ‘After the second set, it looked as though Agassi had had his chips.’
    • ‘None of the execs had time to meet me today so I've been granted a look around the factory and then I'll have had my chips.’
    • ‘Now, when it comes to the crunch, my friend has had his chips.’
    • ‘A South African gambling company launched a cellphone advertising campaign showing the Last Supper and the slogan ‘Jesus has had his chips.’’