Meaning of have had one's day in English:

have had one's day


  • Be no longer popular, successful, or influential.

    ‘he has had his day and there is no one prepared to tell him so’
    • ‘I think the fact that it's mostly men making the mistake shows that those old stereotypes have had their day.’
    • ‘No, Hannibal, Face, Murdoch and BA have had their day, glorious as it was, and we should remember them as they were.’
    • ‘One lesson she had learned from Cannes was that big action movies and special effects seemed to have had their day.’
    • ‘The lad has had his day, so don't hold your breath for the sequel.’
    • ‘Do you think that he has had his day, or are there still insights there?’
    • ‘I do wonder if he has had his day, and would have better spent his time pursuing other avenues within politics.’
    • ‘Perhaps the '50s style public intellectual has had her day.’
    • ‘The feeling was that canals had had their day and they couldn't see any freight traffic evolving on the canal.’
    • ‘I hope it is not true that hang gliders have had their day and that only a limited number will continue to fly.’
    • ‘Paper gift vouchers - the last resort of the imaginatively challenged - have had their day.’
    • ‘We are now more than halfway through 2003, and the concerns raised by some of the other parties have had their day.’
    • ‘These were often breads or ale, which have had their day as presents.’
    • ‘Verse plays may be making a comeback, but religious verse plays may have had their day.’
    • ‘I mean, I wasn't going to be using my old roller blades or skateboard again, and my blue fluffy slippers had had their day.’
    • ‘Airedale Beagles have had their day, you might think.’
    • ‘Belfast-born Nobel peace prize winner Mairead Maguire told protesters: ‘War has had its day.’’
    • ‘‘The annexe is a very old building and has had its day,’ he said.’
    • ‘That style has had its day, and not only in politics.’
    • ‘Opera that was once just a vehicle for famous singers, orchestras and conductors, has had its day.’
    • ‘Maybe feminism has had its day, but just think of what the next wave of women could accomplish.’