Meaning of have it made in English:

have it made


(also have got it made)
  • Be in a position where success is certain.

    • ‘because your dad's a manager, he's got it made’
    • ‘Nothing can be more repellent to me than the self-satisfied smile of someone who thinks he has got it made.’
    • ‘At first glance, Clarkson would seem to have it made.’
    • ‘Honestly, I think that little kids have it made.’
    • ‘From St. Louis to New York City, the Rocky Mountains and rural Washington State, folk music fans have got it made for the summertime.’
    • ‘First, she points out how easy it is for her and me, and others who comparatively have it made, to avoid direct action.’
    • ‘I am very organizationally challenged, but this is one area where I think the guys have got it made.’
    • ‘But just as it seems that they might relax and say they have it made, they are suddenly faced with a new challenge: the economic rules have changed.’
    • ‘Sensing he has got it made, Ricky sets out to enjoy the high life of stretch limos, nightclubs, and, of course, women.’
    • ‘Just when you think you have it made, a new form of technology comes along and you have to do it all over again.’
    • ‘I suppose we all think that the guy with the business has got it made, but that is not always so.’