Meaning of have itchy feet in English:

have itchy feet


  • Have a strong urge to travel or move from place to place.

    • ‘she's getting itchy feet’
    • ‘I have permanently itchy feet’
    • ‘Terry then had itchy feet again and moved to Perth.’
    • ‘You may have a tendency to get itchy feet at times and need change and travel.’
    • ‘I had just qualified and I suppose I had itchy feet.’
    • ‘We've always had itchy feet but I can see us living our days out in Turkey.’
    • ‘He had known for some time that Mills, who had been with the firm for 27 years, had itchy feet - as did a number of other senior directors.’
    • ‘My parents had itchy feet and we lived in about 12 different houses in eighteen years.’
    • ‘Arriving home, retirement was once again on the cards, but six months into it, he again got itchy feet.’
    • ‘Even now, after 4 or so years, I'm getting itchy feet.’
    • ‘Nonetheless by the mid-1990s Tyndall was getting itchy feet, as were several of his colleagues.’
    • ‘But then later she says, probably more honestly, that after six months she'd probably get itchy feet again.’