Meaning of have need of something in English:

have need of something


(also have need to do something)
  • Need something.

    ‘Alida had need of company’
    • ‘Its only real use is as a football ground and there are no league clubs who have need of it.’
    • ‘Any radiation specialist medical personnel we have are at your disposal, if you have need of them.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago, you may recall that I had need of the RAC's assistance, and received appalling service. Of course, I wrote to complain about this.’
    • ‘Each of course had need of the other and a certain innate mutual loyalty ensured that they accompanied each other even when it came to the point of allowing the standards of the past to slip.’
    • ‘My poor old mum who was 90 at the time, had need of help from Social Services: stairlift, bath lift etc.’
    • ‘In a hammering irony, the people who had feared the importing of industrial unrest from Europe now had need of that tool in fighting the interlopers.’
    • ‘These impersonal, brief interactions were all I had need of for quite a while.’
    • ‘Before I was your foreign minister, I performed the same services for Danton and Robespierre until they no longer had need of me.’
    • ‘I've had need of seeing the Black Seer on a few occasions.’
    • ‘I had need for a refreshing walk away from this place, nothing more.’
    • ‘It became the fighter-transport of choice for all branches of the military that had need of its rather unique insertion/extraction abilities.’
    • ‘Counting the coins I handed half of them to Niko to purchase horses, blankets and bedding, and lanterns as well as any other necessities he believed we had need of.’
    • ‘‘We hadn't had need for them during the battle, so we didn't miss them,’ Jack said.’
    • ‘Study groups now became secret societies, like the ‘Land and Liberty’ society at St Petersburg, but they had need of wider support.’
    • ‘Butte, Montana's largest urban center, had need of such a home.’
    • ‘She left the door open in case her Mistress had need of her.’
    • ‘I was a very small boy the last time our master had need of extending his life, and I was called to attend upon him while he performed his magic.’
    • ‘They had need of us, and we had come, to act the age-old ritual, try to lift the curse from off their lands, give back to ailing Earth the potency their lives depended on.’
    • ‘They had need of a wife and heirs and the women had need of wealth and a title.’
    • ‘In the six months before its arrival, I had had need of one on two occasions.’