Meaning of have someone's ear in English:

have someone's ear


  • Have access to and influence with someone.

    ‘he claimed to have the prime minister's ear’
    • ‘Bisbee was Cooke's aide-de-camp in Omaha, and he had General Cooke's ear and complete access to and responsibility for his correspondence and reports.’
    • ‘‘When you hold a fundraiser, there are certain people who are going to come that want to have your ear,’ says Chan.’
    • ‘While we have the president's ear there is another urgent matter which requires sensible discussion and not knee-jerk reactions.’
    • ‘The hawks in Washington have the President 's ear - in Europe, calmer voices are speaking out.’
    • ‘And if there were no or minimal repercussions for switching to private accounts, you would definitely have my ear.’
    • ‘But always, before he acts, he listens to a select few who have his ear.’
    • ‘But who exactly has the president 's ear on China policy?’
    • ‘And while Souter is very much his own man, Irvine has his ear.’
    • ‘Your relationship can raise communication barriers with colleagues, if they fear that you are the only one to have the boss's ear.’
    • ‘I doubt I will trust you, but you have my ear for now.’
    attention, attentiveness, notice, heed, regard, consideration