Meaning of have up in English:

have up

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phrasal verb

informal British
  • have someone up, have up someoneBring someone before a court of justice to answer for an alleged offence.

    • ‘you can be had up for blackmail’
    • ‘I swear, if it weren't for the fact that she's your wife and extremely good at her job I'd have her up before a court martial.’
    • ‘I'm warning you Mr. Goonsburg, if I have one more intervention like that from you again I'll have you up for contempt of court.’
    • ‘Your parents could have me up for statutory rape.’
    • ‘If he puts one foot on my property I'll have him up for trespass.’
    • ‘It sounds like it happens every day of the week but if that was the case I'm sure the police would have had me up in front of the licensing committee.’
    • ‘And as a result, they examined who I was, and the immigration department had me up for trial.’
    • ‘If you don't put your guns away this instant I'll have you up on weapons violations as well.’