Meaning of havildar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhavɪldɑː/


  • (in South Asia) a soldier or police officer corresponding to a sergeant.

    ‘Prisoners appointed as overseers asked for the designation havildar, evoking police or military service, instead of the jail designation - daffadar.’
    • ‘When some of the constables, havildars and other employees of the KSRP were asked to come on stage along with their children and wives to receive the prizes, the proud fathers walked in style with their head held high.’
    • ‘It began with the sergeant, or havildar, thumping out a beat on an empty jerry can using a carabiner.’
    • ‘The havildar on duty, Rajpal started preparing to carry Satish from first floor to the ground floor of the hospital.’
    • ‘Casualties among the platoon commanders had been so heavy that Gaje was made an acting havildar in command of a platoon of D Company.’


From Urdu hawildār, from Persian ḥawāldār ‘trust-holder’, from ḥawāl (from Arabic ḥawāl ‘charge, assignment’) + -dār ‘holder’.