Meaning of Hawaiian goose in English:

Hawaiian goose


  • A rare goose native to Hawaii, now breeding chiefly in captivity.

    Also called nene

    Branta sandvicensis, family Anatidae

    ‘The researchers’ finding suggests that the nene and several other species of Hawaiian geese now extinct branched off from a population of Canada geese and colonized the tropical paradise about half a million years ago.’
    • ‘When it was named the state bird in the late 1950s, the Hawaiian goose was on the verge of extinction.’
    • ‘One of the first examples of successful reintroduction was the Nene or Hawaiian goose.’
    • ‘The research team found that the nene and two extinct species of Hawaiian geese were all closely related to one other genetically.’
    • ‘Hawaiian geese have a black face and crown and cream-colored cheeks.’