Meaning of hawker centre in English:

hawker centre


  • (in SE Asia) a market at which individual vendors sell ready-to-eat food from small booths.

    ‘I'm off to swim in the pool before seafood dinner in a hawker centre.’
    • ‘If I had used a little more logic (very ironic for the topic at hand), I should have spent that $48 to buy 144 packets of tissue from the next lucky blind old man who approaches me while I dine at a hawker centre.’
    • ‘Chinatown has a grand hawker centre on Smith Street, with 18 kiosks spilling onto the road.’
    • ‘At the Geylang hawker centre half the stores are halal, the other half non-halal.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago I was buying a drink at a hawker centre near Redhill.’
    • ‘We got dinner from the hawker centre and found a bench near the shore.’
    • ‘One night will by no means be enough to try all the dishes, and a trip to the hawker center sure beats the boredom of room service.’
    • ‘My girlfriend refuses to eat hawker centre or food court food.’
    • ‘Her food had just arrived when Eve noticed Casey and his brother enter the large hawker centre.’
    • ‘The winner gets a delicious lunch with me at the hawker centre of his/her choice.’
    • ‘In April, the tourism board will offer abbreviated ‘Food Safaris’ charging tourists up to S $65 a head for a hawker centre sampling of 10 ‘must try’ dishes.’
    • ‘She started organising culinary tours to the local wet markets and hawker centres.’
    • ‘The chef tucks into the day's first recipe, Hainanese Chicken Rice, a standby of Singapore's hawker centers.’
    • ‘Canteens, cafeterias and/or hawker centers in office and school locations offer budget-level hot meals suited to local tastes.’