Meaning of hawt in English:


Pronunciation /hɑːt/


informal mainly US
  • non-standard spelling of hot

    • ‘he might be 40, but he's still extremely hawt’
    • ‘it takes some time to get used to—104 degrees is hawt!’
    • ‘She'll turn out to be totally hawt in college.’
    • ‘It was really liberating to me when I found out how many men do find squishiness hawt.’
    • ‘Sphinxie as always was well-dressed, looking super hawt.’
    • ‘I met this very hawt girl and realised I can't hit on her.’
    • ‘What kind of women do men find "hawt"?’
    • ‘My goodness could you say no to that hawt man?’
    • ‘She'd look hawt in a burlap sack, much less the sexy costumes she graced the movie with.’
    • ‘That liquid metal finish is hawt!’
    • ‘That guitar is sounding hawt!’
    • ‘The hawt, sultry jazz and blues singer works her magic.’


Late 19th century representing an exaggerated pronunciation of hot.