Meaning of haymaking in English:


Pronunciation /ˈheɪˌmeɪkɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • The activity of making hay from grass grown for fodder.

    ‘The farm assembly had decided that in view of the dry weather all hands should be used for haymaking.’
    • ‘Grass for haymaking is the main crop and its yield is directly affected by temperature, length of snow cover, and duration of frosts.’
    • ‘To improve his income he helped a lot of other farmers, grass seeding and haymaking.’
    • ‘Some of the land will be used for haymaking or left to grow wild and it is hoped that rare breeds, such as Exmoor Ponies could graze there.’
    • ‘There was a ready supply of brute strength at the peak times of the agricultural year, such as haymaking, harvest, and the grape-picking season.’
    • ‘Silage and haymaking have proved impossible, leaving farmers in some areas facing a real fodder problem this winter.’
    • ‘In the countryside children worked in the fields from haymaking to the harvest.’
    • ‘The slow fermentation of the cider made it ready for drinking at the thirsty times of haymaking and harvest the following year.’
    • ‘Demonstrations of the ancient crafts of butter and basket-making also drew much attention, as did the interesting demonstrations of haymaking, sheep shearing and other activities.’
    • ‘People travelled from all corners of Munster to see a magnificent display of vintage machinery, threshing, haymaking and old farm skills of bygone days.’
    • ‘The villagers will look after their own cattle, make their own dairy produce, grow and preserve their own crops and do their own haymaking.’
    • ‘Relatives, if they live close by, will help out, especially during haymaking, but younger people here have left the land.’
    • ‘That spells the end of centuries of tinkling cowbells, haymaking and fine cheeses - and ruin for many Alpine communities.’
    • ‘Hot steaming rains fell frequently, hindering the late haymaking in the other meads.’
    • ‘An 18-year-old youth, his friend and a farmer claimed they spotted a UFO while returning from haymaking.’
    • ‘It looked easy, but when Cecil was a lad haymaking was a time of acute stress.’
    • ‘Often all summer was spent haymaking, with large gangs of men and horses, moving slowly through the district, field by field.’
    • ‘A larger than usual number of Irish labourers presented themselves at Skipton market for the annual haymaking engagement.’
    • ‘Pearl and her father pooled their resources with neighbours at haymaking time.’
    • ‘In rural areas during the haymaking season it is not unusual to see farmers falling asleep over their beer in the local pub.’