Meaning of hazard pay in English:

hazard pay



North American
  • Extra payment for working under dangerous conditions; danger money.

    ‘They demanded increased hazard pay, shift bonuses, and subsidies to cover house rents and children's education.’
    • ‘Hazard pay applies only to the first 40 hours worked each week.’
    • ‘It was dangerous work, but I was getting hazard pay.’
    • ‘This legislation was essential to our operations - providing funding for body armor; hazard pay; health benefits; ammunition; and spare parts for our military.’
    • ‘I was angry that the US is funding private armies, while the administration tries to cut our soldiers' hazard pay.’
    • ‘Health workers had the right to benefits such as hazard pay, subsistence allowances and overtime pay.’
    • ‘You do, however, receive an extra fifty dollars a month in hazard pay.’
    • ‘Being a film critic is nice work if you can get it, but sometimes hazard pay seems more than fair.’
    • ‘The workers are assured hazard pay and insurance of at least $25,000 on top of fat salaries, the official said.’