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Pronunciación /ˈheɪzi/

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adjetivoadjetivo hazier, adjetivo haziest

  • 1Covered by a haze.

    ‘it was a beautiful day but quite hazy’
    • ‘The light from the moon was weak, peeking wearily through hazy clouds.’
    • ‘A hazy or cloudy wine can indicate the growth of micro-organisms or bacteria.’
    • ‘The film has a misty, hazy appearance in some of its more striking moments.’
    • ‘Outside, large flakes of gleaming white snow were falling fast, quickly covering the city in a hazy white blanket.’
    • ‘Avoid shooting photos when the sun is directly overhead and the sky is hazy or cloudy.’
    • ‘Everything became extremely hazy as tears clouded her vision.’
    • ‘The effects look hazy, foggy and unreal, not sharp and distinct.’
    • ‘The whole L.A. Basin was smoggy or hazy today, and my lungs hurt.’
    • ‘The hazy clouds had risen high into the atmosphere.’
    • ‘He lay on his back and stared up at the hazy image of the clouds.’
    • ‘By mid-morning the sun burned through a high, hazy veil of cloud.’
    • ‘Monday morning arrived with a cooling breeze, scattering fragile wisps of cloud across a hazy sky.’
    • ‘The sun's UV rays are as damaging to your skin on cloudy and hazy days as they are on sunny days.’
    • ‘Weathermen said that today would remain hot and sunny, although they predicted it may be a little more hazy.’
    • ‘It was a typical kind of August day, hot and hazy.’
    • ‘She scanned the hazy horizon for the dust cloud signalling horses.’
    • ‘The hazy sky was streaked with white clouds, the sun setting.’
    • ‘In a matter of seconds, what had seemed like a slightly hazy early afternoon now seemed overcast.’
    • ‘The air is thick and hazy with moisture.’
    • ‘We're drinking away the hazy, grey afternoon.’
    misty, foggy, cloudy, clouded, smoggy, murky, overcast
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    1. 1.1Vague or ill-defined.
      ‘hazy memories’
      • ‘the picture we have of him is extremely hazy’
      • ‘I have a hazy, indistinct memory of this morning.’
      • ‘Some of these impressions will come to you as vague fragments; a hazy glimpse without any notion of time or place.’
      • ‘The idea of rebirth was hazy and vague in my mind at this time.’
      • ‘But will the two sides be able to stick to the hazy and vague terms of the agreement?’
      • ‘I have a hazy memory of the movie.’
      • ‘What follows are hazy memories of loud music and copious amounts of beer.’
      • ‘He had only hazy memories of what had happened.’
      • ‘This was a long time ago and my memory is hazy.’
      • ‘Their memory of it is hazy to say the very least.’
      • ‘She had one hazy memory of her father taking her out for ice cream when she was very young.’
      • ‘It was one of those weekends where I thought a lot about some very hazy, abstract concepts.’
      • ‘As the bus left, she faded into a blurring hazy picture waving from behind the cloud of dust.’
      • ‘He not only gave this hazy concept a viable definition, but also enlarged the scope.’
      • ‘If an important concept is hazy or difficult, explain it, articulate it, and you will get clarity.’
      • ‘By morning, the conversations of the night before are hazy memories.’
      • ‘The picture is also dark, hazy, dirty, murky, and marred by shimmering and flicker.’
      • ‘It was like everything she beheld was hazy, viewed through foggy lenses.’
      • ‘There is a hazy outline of the House of Parliament and Big Ben in the distance.’
      • ‘The early chapters are filled with clouds of hazy idealism, with vague talk of ‘justice’.’
      • ‘Hazy but damning snapshots of the episode were released on that evening's television news.’
      vague, indistinct, unclear, faint, dim, indefinite, ill-defined, nebulous, shadowy, blurred, fuzzy, muzzy, woolly, confused, muddled
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    2. 1.2Confused; uncertain.
      ‘school-leavers were often hazy about employment’
      • ‘At best, such figures are hazy assessments.’
      • ‘I could not picture my return, and the whole future looked hazy and uncertain.’
      • ‘As is all too common, precise details are hazy and confused.’
      • ‘Carson's mind lingered in the realm of hazy confusion before it hit him.’
      • ‘I looked at him wide-eyed, my thoughts still hazy from confusion.’
      • ‘His characterizations and distinctions are at times a bit hazy or confusing.’
      • ‘Details were hazy, with officials unsure of exactly what was going on inside much of the main temple.’
      • ‘I suspect that most of us are pretty hazy on who she actually was.’
      • ‘He was a bit hazy about whether or not he had visited the town before.’
      unclear, hazy, uncertain, unsure, undecided
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Early 17th century (in nautical use in the sense ‘foggy’): of unknown origin.