Meaning of HDMI in English:



  • A standard for connecting high-definition video devices.

    as modifier ‘most TVs are equipped with at least one HDMI port’
    • ‘The back is bristling with connectors, with everything from SCART to HDMI.’
    • ‘Your best chance of avoiding obsolescence is to buy peripherals that support HDMI.’
    • ‘The HDMI cables performed comparably in both our instrument tests and our visual tests.’
    • ‘HDMI seems to have had one of the fastest rollouts of any display and audio interface in the past few years.’
    • ‘As you can see from our pictures, HDMI is already appearing in a wide array of devices, ranging from displays to DVD players to set-top boxes.’
    • ‘We feel we are setting the pace for the industry by offering a comprehensive lineup of HDMI products.’
    • ‘The HDMI port assures the best quality playback when connecting the notebook to a TV or monitor with an HDMI input.’
    • ‘For some cable boxes, you have to choose between sending audio over the HDMI cable or the digital audio cable.’
    • ‘Both models also feature two HDMI inputs and one USB port.’
    • ‘Many Australian stores will charge you $30 or more for an HDMI cable.’
    • ‘The HDMI port enables you to explore thrilling HD entertainment options.’
    • ‘Another aspect of the projector we liked was that you can plug anything into its HDMI port.’


Early 21st century abbreviation of high-definition multimedia interface.