Meaning of head-turning in English:



  • Extremely noticeable or attractive.

    ‘her skimpy, head-turning costumes’
    • ‘A cash prize will also be awarded for the most creative hat, a category which always attracts head-turning creations.’
    • ‘His music is equally shocking: a head-turning splurge of jerking beats, atonal electronic noises, howling vocals and the occasional burst of rock guitar that bears virtually no relation to anything else released in the garage genre.’
    • ‘From head-turning fashion to entertainment and lots of fun, Roses in Bloom fashion show hosted in the Seven Oaks Hotel proved an unmissable night.’
    • ‘Laura, 22, from Rochdale, graduated in chemical engineering and has an IQ of 150 to go with her head-turning figure.’
    • ‘The pitch is not usually a head-turning new plan of action.’
    • ‘Scores of females are paddling out to the breaks, and pro riders have amped things up with head-turning performances.’
    • ‘With a catwalk erected down the centre of the school's canteen, the night was set for some head-turning fashion.’
    • ‘It costs about the same, has the same head-turning effect on men, and a much better resale value.’
    • ‘But what turned her dress from classic to head-turning was the plunging neckline that went down in a deep V, ending an inch or two above her navel, two tiny pieces of fabric keeping her from spilling out everywhere.’
    • ‘The different shape is an immediate eye catcher, and with the subject matter now being the definite ‘hero’, you have that powerful head-turning shot you have always wanted.’
    • ‘To be fair, I did note in my journal that the car has a strong, smooth powertrain, great brakes, nice fit, fantastic stereo and head-turning good looks.’
    • ‘The following coating schedule for varnish is offered as guidance, not gospel, but following it will nearly always yield a head-turning finish.’
    • ‘Here's a preview of some head-turning products and innovations I'll be sniffing out for future reviews.’
    • ‘It's heavy, easily breakable and cannot be formed into the swoopy transparent panels that clothe some of the most head-turning concept cars.’
    • ‘It looks better from some angles than others, with the rear three-quarters in particular looking a little heavy, but overall it's a good looking and head-turning car.’
    • ‘Then, as now, revival hinged on creating head-turning cars.’
    • ‘Like the installation, the photos included in the exhibition have a head-turning immediacy but elliptical meaning.’
    • ‘But this spring, hairstylists from every walk of life have rediscovered their head-turning appeal.’
    • ‘And while this will go a long way toward making your midsection smaller, you can do more to give it a head-turning look.’
    • ‘This fast-paced workout will transform your backside into a head-turning asset’