Meaning of head of hair in English:

head of hair


  • The hair on a person's head, regarded in terms of its appearance or quantity.

    ‘he had a fine head of hair’
    • ‘She remembers him, with his fine head of hair, forever working.’
    • ‘All I've gotten for it is a very annoying head of hair and a growing loss of hair.’
    • ‘It seems obvious to say false - not because the present king of France has a fine head of hair, but because he does not exist.’
    • ‘He curled my entire head of hair and pinned it up into my crown so half of my curls were up and half were down.’
    • ‘The man appears to have an unruly head of hair and wears a tunic with dots, apparently meant to suggest an animal hide.’
    • ‘Although many opt for dying their entire head of hair so that they can finally prove that blondes have more fun, others try a tamer, sun-kissed glow through highlighting.’
    • ‘I wouldn't go back to my 20s if you gave me a full head of hair.’
    • ‘With his thick head of hair and crinkly cornflower eyes he looks undeniably statesmanlike - an impression compounded when he asks me for news of the Irish peace process.’
    • ‘The one with the heavy legs has a beautiful head of hair.’
    • ‘The attacker is described as Asian, aged about 20, 5ft 8in tall and was said to be slim with a thick head of hair and good looking.’
    head of hair, shock of hair, mop of hair, mane