Meaning of head office in English:

head office

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  • The principal office of a business organization, constituting the centre for administration and policymaking.

    ‘their corporate head office is in Johannesburg’
    • ‘selling is usually done by senior executives at head office’
    • ‘The business plan from each subsidiary organization is submitted to head office.’
    • ‘The exception is presented by foreign-currency deposits placed with banks, whose head offices are overseas.’
    • ‘The clerks paid the cheques in at the head office of the defendant bank for the credit of two accounts maintained with branches.’
    • ‘Senior management at head office would be able to specialize in strategic management, about which they will have amassed considerable expertise.’
    • ‘On the wall in the head office, there are photos of all the sitcoms they've built.’
    • ‘Like the original holding companies, these firms have always had very small head offices.’
    • ‘His friends joke that he already is a bank machine, a pawn to the head office with no power of his own.’
    • ‘The view held by the managing directors was that head office did not value research, development, or management training.’
    • ‘Get to know the company, and then transfer to buying in their head office.’
    • ‘In some franchises, suppliers and distributors must be approved by the head office.’