Meaning of head teacher in English:

head teacher

Pronunciation /hɛd ˈtiːtʃə/

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mainly British
  • The teacher in charge of a school.

    ‘Teachers and head teachers welcomed the growth in specialist schools.’
    • ‘The Scottish premier will also signal new moves to shift power to teachers and head teachers so they can direct their own curriculum.’
    • ‘There is less than a month left to put forward names of inspiring teachers, assistants and head teachers for the national awards.’
    • ‘And does he really believe that these schools attract less able teachers and head teachers?’
    • ‘He started his professional career as a teacher and became a head teacher.’
    • ‘The Government should be giving more powers back to teachers, and head teachers; and what is Labour doing instead?’
    • ‘The problem is not ultimately the head teachers and teachers.’
    • ‘In England the government is setting up an expert group of a dozen teachers and head teachers to advise on improving behaviour.’
    • ‘There are many Christian teachers and head teachers in the state system.’
    • ‘Good head teachers and schools already embrace personalised learning.’
    • ‘But last night head teachers of state schools in Yorkshire disagreed with Mr Mitchell's comments.’
    • ‘Several other primary schools have new head teachers this term.’
    • ‘The only other item on the Front Page concerns the resignation of the head teacher at Shortstown Lower School.’
    • ‘The head teacher of Ingrow Primary School has retired after 12 years in charge.’
    • ‘Simon Camby has been appointed the new head teacher at Menston Primary School and he might be a record breaker.’
    • ‘Tracy asked the head teacher at Redbridge Primary School if she could help with fundraising.’
    • ‘An assistant head teacher has revealed her school may be forced to close because of spiralling debts.’
    • ‘We spoke to head teachers at two York primary schools, Scarcroft and Westfield, to get their take on the issue.’
    • ‘College principals and head teachers have broadly welcomed the proposed changes.’
    • ‘I tried to make an appointment with the head teacher without much joy.’
    headmaster, headmistress, head, principal, director, master, mistress
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