Meaning of headboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛdbɔːd/

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  • 1An upright panel forming or placed behind the head of a bed.

    ‘The dresser was between the desk and the bed, and there were two closets, one behind each of the headboards of our beds, with the openings perpendicular to the door out of the room.’
    • ‘White pillows sat upright against the headboard.’
    • ‘He hopped off the bed and took a backpack from behind the headboard and filled it with a few books while Andrew began to gather the few things that he had brought for Destiny.’
    • ‘Michael was propped up a little against the headboard, fingers laced behind his close-cropped head.’
    • ‘I sat up with minor difficulty and closed my eyes, leaning my head against the headboard behind me.’
    • ‘Be sure you have enough fabric to swag gently across the bed and behind the headboard or mattress.’
    • ‘Ray was sitting upright against the headboard, his chest was freshly bandaged.’
    • ‘Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a shoebox partially hidden behind her brass headboard.’
    • ‘Another popular style of headboard has a recessed panel framed on the sides and top with a molding.’
    • ‘Nondescript tables, bookcase headboards, trunks, and chests and toy benches are valuable storage pieces that can be transformed into focal points when treated to a healthy dose of colorful paint!’
    • ‘To the left side of the wooden headboard was a small nightstand with a lamp standing on top of it along with a digital clock plugged into the wall.’
    • ‘Laura was lying with her head at the foot of her bed, her feet resting on the headboard.’
    • ‘In the other corner there was a bed with metal bars for the headboard.’
    • ‘As the waterbed finally settled, he flicked on the small lamp attached to the headboard.’
    • ‘Evidence of its usage can be found stuck to pavements and platforms; under school desks, restaurant tables, pub bars, and behind cinema seats, and hotel bed headboards.’
    • ‘The headboard, footboard and rails were covered with very old paint.’
    • ‘Lay both side units face down and screw the headboard to the side rails.’
    • ‘And the upholstered aluminum guest-bedroom headboards are woven in the same pattern as the master bedroom's cedar-and-ash headboard.’
    • ‘When not in use, equipment is easily tucked away into specially designed, built-in maple cabinets, headboards, and niches.’
    • ‘But that's not surprising because upholstered headboards have been around for a while.’
  • 2A board on the front of a train bearing the name of the route or service for which it is being used.

  • 3Sailing
    A reinforcement at the top of a triangular sail such as a mainsail.

    • ‘He then went to the mainsail and paused, regarding the headboard.’