Meaning of headdress in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛddrɛs/

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  • An ornamental covering or band for the head, especially one worn on ceremonial occasions.

    ‘a tall plumed headdress’
    • ‘a veil held in place with a pearl headdress’
    • ‘Everything from the thunderous Wagnerian music to the performers' skin-tight unitards and birdlike headdresses reinforces the show's sleek, aerial character.’
    • ‘Today, Kevin is wearing his robes: a long, flowing white tunic, a shawl and a headdress with a yellow headband.’
    • ‘The women came out one by one, dressed in their finest linen, and with ceremonial headdresses and jewellery.’
    • ‘When the woman marries, the hair is made into an ornamental headdress and brought to the husband's home as a souvenir.’
    • ‘These seated males are costumed in turban headdresses, earflares, collars, and pectorals; in their right hands they hold scepters or fanlike implements.’
    • ‘Any five-year-old would be delighted with a dress-up trunk containing tiaras, masks, swords, mouse-tails, feathered headdresses and sequined veils.’
    • ‘During the Middle Ages, earrings became less popular and practical due to the popularity of elaborate hairstyles and headdresses.’
    • ‘Another, not to be outdone, has made a headdress out of a baseball cap with a blue nylon tablecloth wrapped around it.’
    • ‘The Maori adorn themselves with the plumes just as the natives of New Guinea crown their headdresses with Bird-of paradise feathers.’
    • ‘Everyone knew that he wore a bizarre costume of massive baggy trousers, and a headdress of ostrich feathers atop ornate waistcoats and colourful jackets.’
    • ‘It includes an ornate woven cape, a decorated tunic, a feathered headdress, laced shoes and jewelry.’
    • ‘Then she plaited her hair and put it up under a short headdress and veil.’
    • ‘Personal adornment was an intrinsic part of Amazonian culture, and some examples such as loincloths and headdresses survive, while other adornments such as tattoos are known only from artworks.’
    • ‘A sensational onstage music ensemble, dominated by percussionists and two dynamic singers in gold caftans and headdresses, make the music as vivid as the dancing.’
    • ‘She virtually invented boho-chic: swirly tiered skirts, fringed shawls and improbable headdresses, worn with an insouciant slash of scarlet lipstick on her sensuous lips.’
    • ‘In some of the boats there are people standing up, wearing plumed headdresses.’
    • ‘No part of the costume has been left undecorated, while the tall headdress is particularly ornate.’
    • ‘It meant they changed their college berets for the headdress of the regiment they are going to join.’
    • ‘The bride wore a full length gown of ivory with a tiara headdress.’
    • ‘Lavish headdresses, skirts, suits, and hats gave way to leather and chains depending on the music.’